How to change default Konqueror rendering engine to WebKit

One of the new features of KDE SC 4.4 (which is there in KDE SC 4.5 as well) consists in the ability of changing the default rendering engine from KHTML to WebKit. But this option is not really visible (one could think they’re trying to hide it to make us use KHTML! 🙂 ), so here’s the way of changing it:

First make sure you installed the package. It’s in the extragear part of KDE, so your distro may or may not ship it. Archlinux does not ship it in the default repositories but it’s in the AUR:

yaourt -S aur/kwebkitpart

Once installed, run kbuildsycoca4 to make sure the system cache is up to date. Then, start Konqueror.

I want to use WebKit once

If you want to use WebKit to render some specific page, go to it and click View → View Mode → WebKit.
The page you are actually viewing should load again, this time using the WebKit engine.

I want to use WebKit as the default engine

I don’t recommend this, as the WebKit engine is still quite buggy. If you’re sure, click Settings → Configure Konqueror… → File Associations → Open ‘text’ at the ‘Known Types’ tree → html → Embedding → WebKit → Hit ‘Move Up’ until it becomes the first.

I hope this helps you. If you want to try other navigators based on WebKit and integrated with KDE, try rekonq or Arora 🙂


1 Response to “How to change default Konqueror rendering engine to WebKit”

  1. 1 jmc 01/09/2010 en 19:49

    Thanks man! I was just wondering where on Earth did they put that option… 🙂


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